Applied analytics in business projects

April 26-27th, University of Economics, Prague

Data X at Berkeley in Prague

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2 Day Masterclass | For Technical Leaders

Learn to Master Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Big Data Applications in business projects.

This 2 day workshop will teach leaders and business managers how to master the technologies and concepts that are changing the business landscape.

Leaders need hands-on experience with contemporary technology and that is something Data X at Berkeley provides.

You will learn how to implement a successful data strategy and how the tools work in practice.

This course is highly applied. We’ll teach you technologies and concepts that can help you solve specific problems in your organization.

The new industrial revolution is here and we will teach you how to benefit from it!

This Workshop

From UC Berkeley to Industry

Contents of the Program

The Business: We will help you tackle the challenge of business creation and business transformation in the age of data. We’ll discuss and teach how data and algorithms projects relate to your firm’s general business strategy, leadership, culture, and business objectives. We will teach you about data-driven business models so that you can monetize the power in your data.

The Tools: We will also teach you how to practically use Data Science and AI tools that drive the development of smart emerging technologies. We will go through the most useful open-source tools in the Data Scientist's toolbox and get our hands dirty with state-of-the-art software and techniques to preprocess data, conduct analysis, make predictions, deploy applications and much more.

The Workshop is a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know in order to implement a successful data strategy and be a leader in your industry.

The 2 day workshop


Syllabus Day 1 (9.00 AM - 5.00 PM) Executive Day

Intro to Data Science & AI

  • Brief History
  • What is Machine Learning, Data Science, and AI
  • Today’s technology in Industry
  • The Power of Big Data in business projects
  • Utilize your Data in business projects

Get Value from your Data

  • Data-driven business models
  • Data, AI, and Innovation
  • Case studies from different industries
  • Successful Innovation Strategies
  • Utilize your Data in business projects

Data Science Tools & Algorithms

  • Data Science in Python
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Numpy & array computation
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib + Seaborn
  • Putting it all together: Complete exercise

Syllabus Day 2 (9.00 AM - 5.00 PM) Technical Day

Challenges & The Future of Data Science

  • Competing with AI giants
  • Implementation of a Data Strategy
  • How to prepare for the future of AI
  • Acquiring talent

Transformative Technologies: Blockchain & Big Data

  • Blockchain Business Applications
  • Smart Contract Programming
  • The Decentralized Future
  • Cloud Computing and Big Data Pipelines Systems

Lead Instructors




Founding Director
Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology

A world-class expert in technology, innovation, and leadership. Invented the technology used in Skype and other internet communications. Over 60 patents. Started 4 new companies (3 still active). Developed Data X. Serves on many advisory boards. Created the Entrepreneurship & Technology area at the #1 public university in the world.



Research Director, Data Lab & Co-founder Blockchain Lab, SCET,

IEOR, College of Engineering, UC Berkeley

Alexander is the Research Director of the Data Lab and a co-founder of the Blockchain Lab at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, UC Berkeley. He is also a lecturer and co-creator of the UC Berkeley class Applied Data Science with Venture Applications in the College of Engineering and he is the lead Data Scientist of the international research project the Berkeley Innovation Index. Alexander has been part of the founding team of three companies: Wheely's (accepted into YC 2015), Auranest (Series A), and InnoQuant (currently Co-founder & COO).




Managing Director
Venture Lab

Paris de l’Etraz has spent over 20 years in investment banking and venture capital, mainly at UBS Bank and ABN AMRO where he was managing Director in M&A at the end of his career. After being a banker, Paris became an entrepreneur founding 5 startups in the areas of Sports marketing, Video Games, Advertising, Solar Power and CRM Banking Software. Since 2010, Paris runs one of the largest business school startup accelerators in Europe, IE Venture lab, at the world’s 8th top Business School, IE Business School.  Paris has developed and registered two patents and presently splits his time between running the Accelerator, MBA classes , executive education Innovation Programs at large companies and M&A / Strategic advisory consulting.

Price & Registration


Common ticket

15.000,- CZK / EUR 600 + 21% VAT


  • Entrance to whole event
  • Both days of the workshop
  • Teaching materials
  • Case studies
  • Discussions with lecturers
  • 2 CPD points (ČSpA)
  • Both days catering


Full event ticket

25.000,- CZK / EUR 1000 + 21% VAT


  • Entrance to whole event
  • Both days of the workshop
  • Teaching materials
  • Case studies
  • Discussions with lecturers
  • 2 CPD points (ČSpA)
  • Both days catering
  • Evening program (Prague discovery, networking dinner)


History & Background


  • Winter

    Data X

    developed at UC Berkeley by professor Ikhlaq Sidhu, data science scholar Alexander Fred Ojala, and IEOR Ph.D. Kevin Li.

  • Spring

    Data X

    offered to 60 students at UC Berkeley. 16 unique data projects are coached this semester, and 10 industry mentors are part of the class.

  • Summer

    The Data-in-Action

    (Data X) lab is launched at The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley. The lab develops new data applications and the emerging ecosystems together to support industry ceration in this emerging new area.

  • Fall

    Data X

    accepted into UC Berkeley’s standard curriculum of classes as “IND ENG 135 / 290: Applied Data Science with Venture Applications”. 140 students enrolled, 30 unique Data Projects, and 40+ industry mentors connected to the class.

  • Winter

    The Data X

    teaching materials are extended for off campus audiences for the first time. A 2-day Masterclass for Technical Leaders and a 1-day Master Class for Executives are available.


The world is reinventing itself with Data and AI. However, neither leading companies nor top students have the complete knowledge set they need to participate and lead in this emerging field.

Data X, as a global collaboration, is designed to fix this problem.

See more information on Data X blog.

What People Say After Experiencing Data X

"A very great class that show us how data science work with Python and Machine Learning. The class is an overview serving like a map that tell us where the treasures are located." (Mr David Sy Shun Wai; Senior Officer – Business Analysis; Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited)

"Thanks for organizing a fantastic workshop. I've learnt a lot from it. The current workshop you provide allows me to sought things out at a manageable pace. So, thanks once again." (Dr Orieta Wong Hing Yi; Project Associate; HKBU)

"Great awesome and amazing tools for data analysis, ML, and processes in general!"

"I think this class is so awesome because it teaches the tools and concepts that are most commonly used in workplace teams that are involved with data science and applied machine learning. The vast majority of teams that I’ve applied to within the past year use the tools taught in this class. When I arrived at my data science internship this summer, I already knew how to use most of my team’s stack"

"135 has to be my favorite of the ML classes at Berkeley. It covers A TON of content. The course is very application-focused but takes some time to explain the general idea behind concepts."

"I feel like I’m really learning how powerful data science tools can be. When we were brainstorming project ideas, I didn’t think any of the ideas were feasible. However, with each week, I’m learning how pre existing libraries and tools can be easily used and combined to create really powerful products."

"Lots of practical tools and sample code."

"I am gaining an understanding of how to use data science libraries in python."

"The algorithms and toolkits I’m learning feel very valuable and tangible given the breakout sessions and direct datasets we work on."

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